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"Me, Myself & The Void" is a feature film that tells the story of Jack, a struggling stand up comedian who finds himself trapped in a mysterious void outside the bounds of time and space and must investigate how his body wound up motionless on his bathroom floor and wake himself up before it's too late. 

Me, Myself & The Void Poster


Jack De Sena

Chris Smith

Kelly Marie Tran

Akilah Hughes

Sophia Esperanza

James Babson

Kristin Carey

Darren Dupree Washington

Danielle Dallas Roosa

Gio Randazzo

John Alton

Full credits available on


Timothy Hautekiet


Nik Oldershaw 

Ryan Blewett 

Ryan Turner


Zubin Asaria 

(executive producer)

Maximilian Schmige 

(director of photography)

Alexander Arntzen


Ashley Dunsing & Anna Mayworm

Full credits available on

Me, Myself & The Void Movie Poster
Timothy Hautekiet Director

"I wanted to tell a story about reflecting on one’s life choices and the pitfalls of blaming others without taking accountability for your actions. While providing the audience with an engaging mystery, the film has an emphasis on mental health and seeks to start a conversation about modern relationships, ambition and isolation.

This is the film I needed 5 years ago before I went to therapy and really began to take my mental health seriously."

- Timothy Hautekiet (director/co-writer)

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